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Loan maturity,what about it?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

  When will this loan mature?When will my loan be fully paid?How long will it take to clear my loan in full?Credit facilities differ as per the purpose or financier in question.Lenders giving out  loans for business purposes [mkopo wa biashara] for example business startup capital financing do offer longer repayment periods than their counterparts offering credit services for minor emergencies. Financiers like commercial banks may give less loan repayment periods than saccos [mkopo wa chama] for the same amount of loan.
  Sounds so obvious that it worthless posting but wait.As Loans Kenya,we have a bank of questions from our blog viewers triggering concern.
"Are long term loans profitable?
How to apply for shot term loans?Whats the loan repayment duration?How long will it take to repay the loan? "

All legitimate financiers in kenya are regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya.The minimum repayment duration is around one month and the maximum is close to six years[72 months].Only few extreme cases can go up to 20 years.The time attached to a loan facility depends some of the following;
AMOUNT -The higher the amount of money borrowed the longer is the repayment duration and the lower the amount borrowed the shorter is the repayment duration.
CREDIT REPORT -The better the credit report the longer the loan repayment period and the poor the credit report the shorter the loan repayment period.
LENDER -Though within the recommended range of time some lenders can decide to allocate longer repayment periods to a loan amount than other lenders.
Now you know.

They are quick to clear.They are characterised by small loan amounts.They attract smaller loan repayment installments.They have short repayment durations.

They are characterised by high loan amounts.They attract longer loan repayment periods thereby making the repayment instalments small as the y are spread over longer duration.Business loans can give borrowers ample time to work hard on their businesses ploughing back profits to the business while paying little instalments  to the financier.

Its simple up to the borrower and the lender to settle for an agreed time period.Luckily nowadays there are online loan calculators on the respective lender websites.Make use of the same for quick results.Thanks

Mobile loans apps in Kenya

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

  Mobile money is now an obvious thing in the finance industry in kenya since the introduction of Safaricom's M-Pesa,Bharti's Airtel money,Essar's Yu cash and Telkom's orange money some years back.Lenders therefore had no option but jumping on board through business partnerships with these giants in the telecommunication  industry resulting into the development of loan app[softwares].

Learn how to apply for a mobile loan in kenya.

  Putting aside banking apps for example KCB
and I&M banking apps'today we are going to highlight the best 'trust based ' loan apps in kenya which are up and running already benefiting clients during times of financial emergencies.These apps are available on GOOGLE PLAY STORE.Please read the descriptions of each app, understand before proceeding to download it and use it.

 See emergency loan givers in kenya.

Thanks to co-founders Keneth Ngetha and Kyale Mwendwa for the big inovation.The loans are going to be offered by Saida Financial Services.The loans are available to safaricom and aitel subscribers only.Currently close to 50000 clients are using Saida loan app.
-Download the app and instal it to your mobile phone.
-Fill in the required details; name ,phone number, email address etc
-Wait for the feedback and you are done!
If you are approved for a given amount ,you do so immediately and the money will be deposited into your m-pesa or airtel money account.Repayment depends on the amount borrowed and is payed through your m-pesa or airtel money.

There are two apps,one intended for Kenyans and one for Tanzanians.Choose the one for kenya [mkopo rahisi kenya].Mkopo rahisi is available to safaricom subscribers only.Loans are offered by Inventure.Currently mkopo rahisi has close to 100000 users.
-Download the app and instal it to your mobile phone.
-Sign in using your facebook or google account.
-Fill in a few details ars required; employment status,salary etc.
-Wait for the feedback and that is it!
If you get approved for acertain amount of money the same will be credited to your m-pesa account.Repayment depends onthe amount borrowed and its done through m-pesa.
UPDATE:Read now Mkopo Rahisi is now Tala kenya

Micromobile loans are offered by MICRO MOBILE LIMITED.The loans are available to safaricom subscribers only.Micromobile have close to 5000 users.
-Download the app and instal it to your phone.
Create your micromobile account.
-Request a mobiloan and that is it.
Update ;Currently, this app is not working. It will be okay in the near future.

Financial access anytime, anywhere. Branch International is the latest fast way to get credit in Kenya. The loan is available to safaricom subscribers. Currently, more than 10000 people are using this app.
Download the app.
Sign in using your Facebook account.
Now apply for a loan up to a maximum of ksh50000, which upon approval the money will be deposited in your M pesa account.

Loans Kenya readers are now updated on this.What did we leave out +Chris webber  +Mercy Orangi +yusuf omar

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