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Silvertree To Finance African Tech Startups

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

South African Silvertree Internet Holdings, a reliable venture capitalist will be funding more tech startups this year with an estimated $10million, announced Paul Cook, the firm founder. The amount will be distributed to interested and qualified companies in Africa including Kenya in exchange for equity rights. Previous beneficiaries include; Click and Compare Group,WineCo and Faithful to Nature among others.

Startups to be funded
Silvertree invests in companies dealing mostly in E-commerce and its related activities.This will cover the inquiry into products, buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the Internet.It's simple doing business over the internet.

That's the good news.

M-kopa 4 Solar From Safaricom

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

M-kopa Solar panels are offered in some kind of credit basis in partnership with safaricom limited though cash purchasing is also allowed. The latest generation of m-kopa solar is here and it's named M-kopa 4 solar.The number 4 in the name should represent 'fourth generation' after m-kopa 1,m-kopa 2 & m-kopa3.

M-kopa 4 Features
It consists of one solar panel (8W),two improved light bulbs with cables and switches, one improved solar rechargeable torch, one improved solar rechargeable radio, 5-in-1 charging cable and 16'' digital TV available from mid- 2016.Mkopa 4 is fully upgradeable allowing more light bulbs for customers who buy on cash purchase or can pay instalments within less than 365 days.
mkopa solar

How to buy M-kopa 4 solar
Where to buy Mkopa solar? Visit any mkopa agent near your or any safaricom retail outlet in your location. You can choose to pay in full instantly at ksh17750 and qualify for upgrading or pay a deposit of ksh3500 and pay the rest at ksh50 per day for a duration of 365 days(one year) through mpesa to M-kopa Paybill number 333222.

For more information
For more information visit any mkopa dealer near you or any safaricom retail shop or Send an SMS with the word 'buy' to 22363 and wait for a call.

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