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Pesa Pata agent business

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Pesa pata agent business
Pesa pata agent
A pesa pata agent lends small loans to people around.Pesa Pata agents lend to people mostly in their localities.Check a breakdown of a simple budget that can get one started as a pesa pata agent.

Estimated Budget.

Expenditure Distributions.

  1. Buy a mobile phone at ksh1000 (wiko lubi4,kaduda or kabambe)
  2. Buy a safaricom simcard at ksh100 
  3. Buy a ksh 50 airtime to activate the line
  4. Pay Pesa Pata entry fee(any amount above ksh100).Our recommended entry fee should be ksh3850 according to our budget.
Ready Market.
Who will you lend to?The ideal people to accept as borrowers are those your know better. They are mostly relatives,close friends and the immediate community dwellers.

Returns and Profits.
Whatever you lend comes back with some interest. Pesa pata interest rates are at 12 per cent in six months and 24 per cent in a year.For example if one lends out ksh3000 to a borrower  for one year,he/she will receive a total of ksh720 as interest.


  • You will receive 60% of the entry fee as part of the float as an agent.
  • You will receive weekly commission payments via M-pesa depending on the transactions you make.
  • Pesa Pata will do all the management part while you lend.
  • No physical office is required.

Call Pesa Pata to get started.

I&M Bank opens its 35th branch to better serve Nairobi

I&m bank cross road nairobi
I&M bank Cross Road,Nairobi
I&M Bank has today opened its 35th bank branch outlet at the Cross Road in Nairobi.This banking institution branch outlet is located at the River Road and Kirinyaga Road junction.

The lender is expecting to serve betterly the Nairobi CBD businesses and individuals with accounts at the bank in other far away branches.

Customers will access normal banking services including depositing money,withdrawing cash,applying for loans,depositing cheques,opening accounts ,forex services,money transfer services among others.

Fidelity Bank Among 15 Losers -Banker Africa Awards 2016

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Banker Africa awards 2016 loosers
Banker Africa Awards 2016-East Africa
#bankerafricaawards Where their are winners ,there are losers.During the recently concluded annual Banker Africa Awards 2016- East African version ,There were 15 financial institutions that were lucky to receive nominations in different award categories both for Kenya and East African region but never won a trophy.

The Kenyan  lenders listed below just hope for the best next year;

  1. Victoria Commercial bank- nominated in 'Best customer service(kenya) and Best emerging bank (kenya)'
  2. SMEP MFB- nominated in 'Best Microfinance bank(kenya)'
  3. Rafiki MFB- nominated in'Best microfinance bank(kenya)'
  4. Century MFB- nominated in'Best microfinance bank(kenya)'
  5. Faulu Kenya- nominated in'Best microfinance bank(kenya)'
  6. ABC- nominated in 'Best SME bank(kenya)'
  7. Consolidated bank- nominated in 'Best SME bank(kenya)'
  8. First Community Bank- nominated in 'Best emerging bank(kenya)'
  9. Jamii Bora Bank- nominated in 'Best  emerging bank(kenya) and Best online platform(kenya)'
  10. Guardian Bank- nominated in 'Best emerging bank(kenya)'
  11. Fidelity bank- nominated in 'Best emerging bank(kenya)'
  12. Faida Investment Bank- nominated in 'Best investment bank(kenya)'
  13. African Alliance- nominated in 'Best investment bank(kenya)'
  14. Citi  Bank- nominated in 'Best Corporate bank(East Africa)'
  15. UBA - nominated in 'Best Online platform (East Africa)'
  16. Family Bank- nominated in 'Best SME bank (kenya)'

DTB named Best Online Platform Bank- Banker Africa Awards 2016

Dtb online platform banker Africa awards
DTB Online Platform
#bankerafricaawards DTB online platform was declared the Best in Kenya and East Africa during this year's Banker Africa Awards 2016,East Africa.DTB won double awards.

In the Kenyan category, the lender was placed together with CBA,Equity bank,Sidian bank,NIC bank and Jamii Bora Bank.DTB was voted the winner.

In the East African category,the bank was under the same placement like Wegagan bank from Ethiopia,Standard Chartered Bank from Tanzania,NIC bank and UBA bank.DTB scooped the second trophy here after being voted the best again.

DTB online platform ,both on Mobile and on Computers proved to be more user friendly according to the voters compared to other online banking platforms.

Congratulations to DTB bank for the double win.

Dyer and Blair Is the Best Investment Bank-Banker Africa Awards 2016

Dyer and Blair 2016 Africa banker awards investment
Dyer and Blair Investment Bank

#bankerafricaawards Investment company,Dyer and Blair Investment Bank was named the 'Best Investment Bank' in Kenya during this years annual Banker Africa Awards 2016.

Dyer and Blair,the peoples partner in investment in Kenya as proved recently, battled it out with other super investment giants like KCB Capital,Faida Investment Bank,Cfc Stanbic and African Alliance before crowned the winner.

Congratulations to Dyer and Blair Investment Bank for the big win.

In the East African category,Barclays Africa Group emerged top 'Best Investment Bank-East Africa' after defeating Standard Chartered Bank,African Alliance,Citi bank and Cfc Stanbic bank.

Coopbank Kenya Wins Double - Banker Africa Awards 2016

Cooperative bank of kenya banker Africa awards
Coopbank Foundation
#bankerafricaawards Congratulations to the Coopbank of kenya for winning double awards during the Banker Africa Awards 2016,East Africa concluded in mid May this year.

The bank scooped its first prize as the 'Best Retail Bank' in Kenya after being voted the this category beating other big industry rivals including ;Commercial Bank of Africa(CBA),Kenya Commercial Bank(KCB),Diamond Trust Bank(DTB),NIC bank and Equity bank.

The second trophy came in when its subsidiary,The Cooperative Bank of Kenya Foundation was voted the best as the 'Most Socially Responsible'in East Africa, defeating Crane bank-Ruparelia Foundation, Bank of Kigali(Rwanda) and the KCB Foundation.

CFC Stanbic wins Best Corporate Bank- Banker Africa Awards 2016

Cfc stanbic banker Africa awards
Cfc Stanbic bank branch
#bankerafricaawards Cfc Stanbic bank was named the 'Best Corporate Bank' in kenya during the recently concluded Banker Africa Awards 2016,East Africa.

The Standard bank subsidiary came top after being voted as the best in its category flooring big names in the Kenyan banking industry including; Diamond Trust Bank-DTB,I&M Bank,Cooperative bank of kenya,Barclays Bank of kenya and the Kenyan Standard Chartered Bank- Stanchart.

Congratulations for the win ,Cfc Stanbic.

In East African category,Standard Chartered Bank was crowned the 'Best corporate bank' after a tough battle with Citi bank,CFC Stanbic bank,Bank M,Barclay's bank and Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

Sidian Bank is the Best Emerging Bank - Banker Africa Awards 2016

Sidian bank banker Africa awards
Sidian Bank Management
#bankerafricaawards The newly rebranded Sidian Bank was named the 'Best Emerging Bank' in kenya during the Banker Africa Awards 2016 that took place recently.

Sidian bank - Owning Tomorrow, which rebranded from Krep bank in April this year stepped the Kenyan financial sector had as the sidian rock itself to a point of being recognized and awarded as the best among emerging lenders in kenya.

Placed under the same category of young financial entities as Sidian Bank were ;First Community Bank,Victoria Commercial Bank,Jamii Bora Bank ,Guardian Bank and Fidelity Bank.

Congratulations to Sidian bank for the win.
Read also the list of more Banker Africa awards winners 2016.

CBA named Best SME bank- Banker Africa Awards 2016,East Africa

Cba banker Africa awards
CBA branch
#bankerafricaawards Commercial Bank of Africa(CBA) topped in its category as the 'Best SME bank' not only in kenya but also in the East African region as voted by the CPI financial online members during this years annual Banker Africa Awards 2016,East Africa which took place in mid May.

CBA which is popularly know for its M-shwari micro loans in partnership with Safaricom limited, was,before proofing to be the best in Small and Medium Enterprises funding, in the same award categories with other prominent commercial banks in the region including; Coopbank of kenya,ABC (African Banking Corporation), KCB,Family Bank,Consolidated bank under the Kenyan category and National Microfinance Bank(NMB),CRDB and National Bank of Commerce(NBC) from Tanzania in the East African category.

CBA scooped two awards this year as the best SME financier in kenya and in the whole East African region.
Congratulation for the big win CBA.

See More winners,Banker Africa Awards 2016.

KWFT bank named best micro financier- Banker Africa Awards 2016 ,East Africa

Kwft banker Africa awards
KWFT bank branch
#bankerafricaawards Kenya women Finance Trust(KWFT) bank was crowned the 'Best Microfinance Bank' in Kenya during the just concluded May 2016 yearly Banker Africa Awards- East Africa.The women only lender which graduated to a full operational commercial bank in the recent past,came top after voters through the CPI Financial website voted mostly in its favour.

See also other Banker Africa winners 2016

KWFT bank which banks on women,was placed under the same group with other Kenyan popular microfinance institutions before emerging top including; SMEP Microfinance Bank (MFB),Rafiki microfinance Bank,Century Microfinance Bank and Faulu microfinance bank kenya.

Congratulation to KWFT bank.

NIC bank wins Best Customer Service -Banker Africa Awards 2016,East Africa

Nic bank Banker Africa awards 2016
NIC bank branch
#bankerafricaawards NIC Bank won the 'Best Customer Service' trophy during this year's Banker Africa 2016 ,East Africa.The lender with its East and Central African regional headquarters in Nairobi scooped two awards as the 'Best Customer Service' provider both in Kenya and in the East African region.

Full list of winners;Banker Africa Awards 2016,East Africa

NIC was placed under the same category with other stable financial institutions mainly from Kenya before it emerged top.According to the voters who participated, NSE listed lender gives the best customer care services better than Diamond Trust Bank-DTB,I&M bank,Victoria Commercial Bank,Standard Chartered Bank ,Cooperative Bank of Kenya,Equity and Tanzania's CRDB bank.

Congratulations NIC bank.

KCB wins big,Oigara crowned Banker of the year- Banker Africa,East Africa Awards 2016

Friday, May 27, 2016

KCB bank group Banker Africa awards
KCB Group HQ

#bankerafricaawards Kenya Commercial Bank Group bagged home a total of three awards during the mid May concluded Banker Africa,East Africa Awards 2016.Among the three awards,Joshua Oigara,the CEO,KCB bank Group won the 'Banker of the year' award while while KCB, the bank took home 'Best coomercial bank' and 'Best Retail bank' awards.

The annual awards which are organised by CPI Financial are meant to fete the best financial institution in various categories. According to the CEO,CPI Financial,Mr Amlot,this year's awards received the highest number of votes at 23500 in East Africa since it's inception.Dignitaries in attendance during the awards ceremony were Chairman,CBK,Mohammed Nyaoga and CEO,KBA,Habil Olaka.

KCB was not the only winner.Barclay's bank,CBA group,Coopbank DTB,NIC,Equity bank and Ecobank also won double awards each.

The Banker Africa East Africa Awards 2016 – the winners in full

Lifetime Achievement
Dr. Charles Kimei - CEO of CRDB
Banker of the Year
Joshua Oigara - CEO of KCB

Best Customer Service – Kenya
NIC Bank
Best Customer Service – Tanzania
Standard Chartered Tanzania
Best Microfinance Bank – Kenya
Best Microfinance Bank – Tanzania
Ecobank Tanzania
Best SME Bank – Kenya
CBA Group
Best SME Bank – Tanzania
Best Emerging Bank – Kenya
Sidian Bank
Best Emerging Bank – Tanzania
Ecobank Tanzania
Best Corporate Bank – Tanzania
Bank M
Best Corporate Bank – Uganda
Standard Chartered Uganda
Best Corporate Bank – Kenya
CFC Stanbic
Best Commercial Bank – Kenya
Best Commercial Bank – Tanzania
Barclays Bank Tanzania
Best Retail Bank – Uganda
Stanbic Bank Uganda
Best Retail Bank – Tanzania
Best Retail Bank - Kenya
Co-operative Bank of Kenya
Best Investment Bank - Kenya
Dyer & Blair Investment Bank
Best Investment Bank - Tanzania
Stanbic Bank Tanzania
Best Bank in Sudan
Bank of Khartoum
Best Bank in Rwanda
Bank of Kigali
Best Bank in Ethiopia
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Best Mobile Banking Service
Equity Bank – Equitel
Best Online Platform - Kenya
Diamond Trust Bank Kenya
Best Core Banking System
Best Payment Solution Provider
BPC Banking Technologies
Best Corporate Governance Bank
I&M Bank
Best Online Platform - East Africa
Diamond Trust Bank
Most Innovative Technology Provider
Most Innovative Bank
Equity Bank
Best Islamic Bank - East Africa
Bank of Khartoum
Best Retail Bank - East Africa
KCB Group
Best Customer Service - East Africa
NIC Bank
Best SME Bank - East Africa
CBA Group
Best Corporate Bank - East Africa
Standard Chartered
Best Commercial Bank - East Africa
KCB Group
Best Investment Bank - East Africa
Barclays Africa Group
Most Socially Responsible Bank
Co-operative Bank of Kenya Foundation

Congratulations to all participants and winners.

Item loans at Fairdeals for cash

'Fairdeals for Cash' gives instant loans against items within 10minutes to 20minutes of goods presentation in Nairobi Kenya.Items must be valuable with a good resale value.

The Mfangano Street located company also buys and sales secondhand items.The amount of the loan that one can get can be up to 60 percent the value of the asset presented.

The quick cash lender accepts varied kinds of assets including but not limited to ;

  • Household Appliances
  • Music instruments
  • Household entertainment items
  • Power tools
  • ICT gadgets
  • Jewelry
  • Logbooks
  • Land Title deeds
  • Shares
Note;Goods to be presented should be goods that you can do without.

0722 169 168
Or 0736 161 339
Fairdeals item goods loans nairobi
Fairdeals for cash items accepted

I&M Bank ATMs now allow foreign cash access.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

I&m USD cash atm
I&M Bank ATM
I&M Bank will see Kenyans, for the first time withdraw foreign currency notes out of its branded Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) in Nairobi.The lender has launched the move to reduce the inconveniences associated with working with forex agents in the area.

The bank allows US Dollar notes withdrawals only at already up and running designated branch outlets in the nation's city including ;Gigiri branch,Wilson Airport branch, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport branch and Riverside Drive branch as test points before spreading countrywide.

Looks like the Kenyan banking sector is coming up with a new innovation each day.The latest other notably technology moves include ; Family bank's mVisa,GTbank's finger print technology and Stanchart's video banking.

Equity Bank ,Equitel emerge winners-Banker Africa Awards,East Africa 2016

Best innovative Bank Equity Equitel best mobile banking service.
Robin Amlot ,CEO,CPI Financial(Left),Michael Nyaga- Equity Bank,Head of Consumer Credit(Center),Eric Karobia-General Manager, Innovation, Production Development and Mobile payments(right) .
Equity Bank was crowned Best Most Innovative Bank in East Africa by Banker Africa 2016.The East African Awards version which was concluded on 10th May,saw the lender floor other financial institution placed under the same category-Best Most Innovative Bank-East Africa.

See also the  full list of Banker Africa Kenyan nominees.

Equity bank which has its presence in Kenya,Tanzania,Uganda and South Sudan was voted the best in the innovative category. The other nominees in this category included;

  1. Diamond trust Bank-DTB
  2. Exim
  3. NIC Bank
  4. Wegagen
As if that was not enough, Equity Bank's Equitel also bagged home the Best Mobile Banking Service in East Africa 2016 during the same award gala.Equitel was placed in the same category with these mobile banking services before voted the best;

  1. CBA's M-shwari
  2. KCB-Mbenki
  3. NIC-Now mobile app
  4. DTB Mobile app
It was double celebrations for Equity bank.Rohit Kumar Singh,Equity Group Director of Corporate and SME banking had the following to thank the lender's customers;
These two awards motivates and encourages us to be more innovative and scale up our offering to meet our customer needs.
Congratulations to Equity bank ,The listening and caring partner.

I&M Bank wins Best Corporate Governance Award- Banker Africa,East Africa 2016

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I&m bank banker Africa awards 2016
I&M bank photo
@imbankke Congratulations to Kenya's I&M Bank for emerging the Best Corporate Governance Bank in East Africa during the Banker Africa-East Africa 2016.

The lender was placed together with other well performing financial institutions in the East African region.They include;
Best Corporate Governance Bank – East Africa:
  • Victoria Commercial Bank
  • Amana Bank
  • Exim Bank
  • First Community Bank
  • I&M Bank
Among the five banks ,I&M received the most votes thus emerging the winner in an award ceremony held on 10th May.

Sidian bank car loans in kenya

Sidian Uber car loans kenya
Car model
If you are looking for a car loan especially for taxi puporse,then Sidian bank car financing can be the right choice.Uber car drivers are the main target of this loan facility provided by the lender.

Loan Properties
The maximum loan amount that a borrower can apply for is ksh1.5 million.The interest rate is the lowest in history at 10.5 percent per annum.The repayment duration is within three years.

However, the above conditions apply to Uber Car drivers only.Non Uber car drivers will be expected to have a good credit report and be able to raise 10percent of the car value to qualify as a borrower.

Contact Sidian bank.

Sidian Bank,Uber in sh10 billion car loan deal

Sidian bank car loans
Sidian Bank
Recently rebranded Sidian Bank,today went into a super car financing arrangement with the Cab drivers' online transport solution provider,Uber, amounting to ksh10 billion reported BD.

The Centum Investment Group subsidiaries ,Sidian bank and Zohari ,an asset leasing company will manage the disbursement of the said amount in terms of car loans to Uber drivers and credible non Uber car drivers in a span of three years.

During the launch of the deal,Sidian bank boss,Titus Karanja and the now acting GM for Uber Kenya,Mr Nate Anderson were both happy as they expect to increase easy access to modern car financing in Kenya.

Each  Uber cab driver will borrow a maximum of ksh1.5 million at 10.5 per cent interest rate to be repayed within three years.Only non Uber car drivers with a good credit report and capable of providing 10 percent the car value will be considered.

Uber car loans

Jamii Bora Bank launches own branded ATMs

Jamii Bora Bank ATMs
Jamii Bora Bank
Jamii Bora Bank (JBB), for along time have been asking its customers to use Kenswitch  branded ATMs for quick cash access.Luckily, early this week,JBB saw the launch of its own JBB mini Bank branded Automated Teller Machines(ATMs) which cost the lender a sum total of ksh13million.

Announcing the move,JBB CEO,Samuel Kimani ,confirmed yesterday that the ATMs are already up and running in Nairobi's Koinange Main branch,Machakos branch,Kisii branch and Nakuru branch.Other areas not covered will follow soon.

In the banking and finance sector,ATMs have been serving as the best banking hall congestion solving machines since inception.

The sector have been see a lot of technology innovations aimed at making service delivery convenient and quick. Family bank launched mVisa shopping solution while GTbank launched fingerprint logging in technology to its mobile app last week.

GTbank mobile app uses fingerprint technology to transact.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

@GTbankKenya GTbank kenya formerly Fina Bank has introduced the fingerprint technology in its mobile app.The first in kenya,GTbank mobile app recognises your fingerprints which then acts as your password to access your GTbank account and thereby make transactions anywhere.

Fingerprint technology which have been widely used in the developed world provides absolute control of your bank account thus reducing fraud from thieves and even your own relatives.

GTbank mobile app allows the account holder to do a lot of transactions on the go like buying goods and paying for utilities.

Gtbank fingerprint technology
GTbank mobile app

The banking sector in kenya is heavily competing in coming up with new technologies to revolutionize service delivery.Last week, the Family bank launched mVisa while DTB launched a digital branch in Nairobi in March this year.

Pesa Pata - Cash everywhere you are

Pesa pata mobile loans kenya
Pesa pata 
Pesa pata used to be a credit facility provided by the then Paddy Micro Investment. Other loan products included mobikopa(preceded pesa pata) and Maisha loans for businesses enterprises to finance expansion activities
. Years later since 2013,Pesa pata formerly mobikopa became the most selling credit product.

Paddy Micro Secretly became Pesa pata.
Early last year,Paddy secretly closed the other loan products and started concentrating on Pesa Pata.Today,Pesa Pata is a widely used mobile money borrowing channel in kenya.Just like mobile loan apps,loans applied through Pesa pata are received in the form of M-pesa.

How to borrow from pesa pata.
Pesa Pata clients must register their safaricom SIM cards by dialing the USSD code *269# and follow the next steps.There is a registration fee of ksh100 to be paid via pay bill number 519606 .Loans range from ksh2000 to ksh20000 payable in a duration of between one week and one month and at an interest rate ranging between 12% and 20%.Check out the steps to borrow from the micro lender;

Pesa pata mobile loans kenya
Pesa pata borrowing steps

Contact pesa pata.
Call;0707 000 222

Faulu Kenya Microfinance Bank- Your bridge to success

Friday, May 20, 2016

faulu DTM mfb microfinance kenya
Faulu MFB
@faulukenya Faulu Microfinance Bank (Faulu mfb),a member of the Old Mutual Group is a one of the growing list of microfinance banks licensed to operate in kenya.The lender widely concentrated on financial groups called 'chamas' when it was Faulu Sacco
during its onset a few years back.Today,Faulu Mfb is providing banking and credit services to the general public nationwide with a know history of extremely low interest rates.

Loan products provided at Faulu mfb.
The micro financier serves individuals, businesses and communities.

Community loans  -include; Chama loans given to member(s) in a group formed by the mfb and Ushirika loans availed to groups formed outside by members themselves for example churches.

Personal loans - include; Check off loans,Salary advances and Emergency loans available to both account holders and non account holders.

Business loans -They include;

  • Real estate loans availed to land buyers.
  • Biashara SME loans for micro entrepreneurs.
  • Asset finance.
  • Invoice discounting available to suppliers.
  • Overdraft facility for account holders.
  • Landlord loan for developing rental houses.
  • Insurance premium finance to guarantee insurance premium payment.
  • Cheque discounting for turning cheques into cash instantly.
  • Bids,Bonds and Guarantees targeted at businesses in supplies and contracts with the government or parastatals.
Faulu kenya Contacts.

  • 0711 074 074
  • 0711 074 000

NIC unsecured education loan in kenya

nic education loans kenya
NIC bank branch
@nicbankkenya The NIC bank of kenya has an unsecured student educational loan package targeting both students joining campus or parents and guardians with children joining university or college in kenya. The loan finances only the tuition costs for the course duration in school.

Educational loan Features.
The varsity fees must lie between ksh50000 and ksh1000000 because that's the loan minimum and maximum limits respectively NIC bank allows.

Loan application requirements.
For a student to apply for this loan facility, one must posses an admission letter from a recognized Kenyan university or college.The letter of admission must have an attached fees structure which will form the basis for the amount of loan to be applied for.The loan amount will be directly deposited into the educational institution admitted. Top ups during the learning period will be subject to debt to income ratio (not to exceed 60%) and not to go over the ksh1million limit.

NIC bank Contacts.
To get more information about this  student education loan, contact the lender through;

  • 0711 041 111
  • 0732 041 111

APA Insurance- General, Life,Health

APA insurance policies kenya
APA Insurance
@APAInsurance is part of the Apollo Group of companies specialized in insurance and investment. APA insurance covers both individuals and corporates in kenya and Uganda against general,health and life risks.The insurer's Kenyan branch is regulated by Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA).

Risks Covered By APA insurance Kenya
APA grouped risks into three categories;

General risks .
General risks covered include ; fire,personal accidents,motor,liabilities, agriculture calamities,property and micro insurance.
Tailor made insurance policies under this group at the APA include;

  • Motor Ad+vantage- compensation to loss of motor vehicle after an accident.
  • Flexpac insurance- compensation for total disability or death.
  • Ukarimu bora- is a single policy for risks in hospitality industry.
  • Kopa bima -its a personal accident cover.
  • Linda salo- compensation to individuals in the event of job loss due downsizing or retrenchment.
  • Multiperil crop insurance - covers physical loss or damage to crops due to calamities.
  • Golfers- covers golf equipments damage in transit or by calamities and third party claims like accidents or and accidental loosing a game.
  • Greenhouse and floriculture- covers damage of greenhouse and or crops by calamities or during theft.
  • Vetcare- covers pets death caused by illness, accident, curling or intentional death to save pet from extreme agony.
Health risks.
APA covers individual health risks,corporate health risks and family health risks.Health policies at APA include;

  • Femina- cover for breast or cervical cancer.
  • Emergency Rescue(card)- covers rescue purpose treatment.
  • Final journey -cover immediate burial costs.
Life risks.
The life insurance policies include;

  • Pension plan- covers retirement benefits.
  • APA elimu- covers education for children.
  • Imarika- covers the fulfilments of a future plan.
  • Hosicare- Covers medical emergences.
  • Salary insurance.
 APA Contacts
To get more information about the size of premiums for each insurance policy ,please contact APA offices through this phone number; 020 286 2000

Family Bank,Visa Kenya introduces mVisa to the world

Thursday, May 19, 2016

@familybankkenya @visakenya The Family Bank of kenya and Visa kenya on Thursday, introduced the newest mobile banking financial solution technology to the world dubbed mVisa.During the launch dubbed mVisa Go Live ,The MD and CEO ,Family bank Ltd, David Thuku
had the following to say;
'We will not only be the first bank in in Africa bit also in Central Europe and Middle East to roll out this revolutionary service (mVisa) that puts Family bank at the center of innovative financial solutions in our transformative journey.'
 The ICT Director at the Family bank,Titus Mutoru was also in attendance to test the service.

mVisa family bank kenya
MD/CEO,David Thuku

How mVisa works.
mVisa is a service that moves all transactions that a family bank customer can do with a Visa card to the mobile platform.It enables a customer to transact without using the physical Visa card but through a mobile phone.People use Visa cards to buy goods and services. mVisa is cashless and cardless  shopping.

mVisa is incorporated into the pesa pap app after registration for customers with smartphones.Customers using feature(small) mobile phones can access mVisa through the USSD code *352# after registration.To start using mVisa visit any family bank branch near you and turn your mobile into a visa card.

Transacting using mVisa will be done at registered merchants for example hotels ,supermarkets,filling stations,hospitals and many more who will be provided with a Quick Response (QR) code.Instead of swiping cards,mVisa will allow a customer to scan the QR code for that merchant and pay for the goods or services.A QR code is just like a business till number but the difference is that its hidden.Use mVisa where you see mVisa sign.

The biggest advantage with using mVisa is that the transaction is done by the customer himself or herself thereby reducing fraud.Before,swiping a credit card would give permission to the attendant to deduct money from a customers account which was very risky.
Congratulations to Family bank and Visa kenya.

Bank CEO chats intensifies to redefine Banking and Finance this quarter.

kba chat with a ceo
My chat with a CEO
"My chat with a CEO" is a members only forum started bavk in the year 2012 by the Kenya Bankers Association( KBA) done through the internet meant to bring clarity in the banking sector in relation to it customers.Since then,the forum have been active ,giving Kenyans opportunities to enquire and learn more about how banking works for the benefit of the all Kenyans and the Kenyan economy.

How can one participate
For a Kenyan to participate in the discussions, registration through the chat.kba.co.ke website is a must.Registered members then have a chance to ask the CEO covering that particular topic some questions to be better informed.Bank bosses are allocated specific topics,days and hours for the discussion to take place. Each quarter of the year carries a specific them concerning Banking and Finance.

Scheduled this quarter
This quarter's theme is Redefining banking and finance in kenya. Here is the schedule;
  1. Mwangi Githaiga,CEO,KWFT will host the topic 'women in business'  on 20th May 2016 from 10am to 11am
  2. Tim Gitonga,CEO,equatorial Commercial Bank(ECB) will cover the topic 'Building Capacity of SMEs on 27th May 2016 from 10am to 11am
  3. On 3rd June 2016,from 10am to 11am,Fazal Saib,CEO,First Community Bank will cover the topic 'Understanding Islamic Banking'.
Catch up with your CEOs this year.

Pesa na Pesa , M-pesa loans in kenya

pesa na pesa mpesa mobile loans
Pesa na pesa

The AVL Capital Group ,a combination of many financial institutions in kenya including Chase Bank,Safaricom M-pesa,CIC insurance, APA insurance,Benchmark,AIG, UAP and more others is still giving out mobile micro credit services dubbed Pesa Na Pesa 
since 2015 to all Kenyan registered members.Loans Kenya had to share this to update borrowers about this it.The service is accessible via a USSD code *415*33#

How to register as Pesa na Pesa member
The service is available only to safaricom subscribers who also registered for m-pesa.Airtel,Orange and You subscribers are not eligible.Check the steps;

  • On your phone ,dial *415*33# and fill your personal details
  • View your loan limit which will show automatically
  • You will lastly receive our PIN
Now you will be a fully registered member of pesa na pesa.

How to borrow from pesa na pesa
Borrowing a loan from pesa na pesa is simply through your mobile phone by dialling*415*33# .The lender gives micro loans of up to ksh5000.A good repayment history will make your loan limit increased.The interest rate is 10%weekly.

How to repay your pesa na pesa loan
Pesa na pesa loan is repayed within one week through a pay bill number 990390.While sending your money to this pay bill number ,please input your phone number as the account number required. Use the Lipa na Mpesa menu,Pay bill number and proceed with other steps.

If you forget your PIN simply dial *415*33*2# .Defaulting attracts more charges and legal action.

Barclay's Kenya Own Your Dream Home campaign

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

own your home campaign Barclay's kenya
Barclay's bank photo
@barclaysbankkenya The Barclay's bank of kenya is giving Kenyans the opportunity of its kind to own homes through a campaign dubbed #OwnYourDreamHome .Customers who have been renting apartments or bungalows are now encouraged to take advantage of the offer which ends on May 26 this year.

Mortgage Offers.
There is a merciless decrease of the interest rate to a low of 14.9%pa from 18.5%pa.The mortgages have been split into four groups. The amount of loan can be as high as ksh2million for Nairobi residents and ksh1.5million for other locations.

Mortgage Groups

  • Home loan straight purchase for ready made homes.Financing will be up to 90% the market value.
  • Equity Release will be financed up to 80% of its value.
  • Construction loan for customers with ready owned plots. Construction of a home will be up to 100% the cost of the home.
  • Buy to Let for landlords. Financing will be up to 70% the value of the houses.
Interested people can visit any Barclay's bank branch near them.

Mkopo Rahisi becomes Tala Kenya

Tala kenya loan app
Tala kenya app

@inventure After two years of service providing quick and easy mobile loans to Kenyans, Mkopo Rahisi kenya is rebranding to Tala Kenya.The move was as a result of  long surveys, close interviews and open discussion forums done to mkopo rahisi customers in its span of existence. Therefore Tala Kenya is a micro loan app which is customer inspired.

What should Tala mean? The word has got different meanings in different languages thus reflecting the credit beneficiaries attended to through the app.

See more mobile loan apps

What's new with Tala Kenya
There are more new features in Tala Kenya App which makes the clients more interested in using the it compared to mkopo rahisi.

  • Easy navigation while using Tala app
  • Short loan application process compared to mkopo rahisi app
  • Easy credit limit or loan limit checking
  • Tala users are members of the new community formed
  • Members earn referral incentives when they invite others
  • The overall loan limit have been raised to ksh50000
Tala kenya loans app
Tala app in action

How to get the app

All clients who have been using mkopo rahisi are considered members after they download and install Tala app.Existing customers of mkopo rahisi need to upgrade to Tala.New users must download and install the Tala Kenya app.Tala Kenya mobile loan app

Stanchart talks video banking and employee retrenchment

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

stanchart bank loans kenya
Stanchart bank branch
Liman Majang,the Standard Charted Bank (Stanchart) East African Regional Manager announced on Monday that the bank will soon start using video banking in a bid to embrace more technology in its service delivery.

This move comes after Standard Charted PLC, the parent company based in the Uk set aside a substantial amount of  money to improve technology in service delivery dubbed Digital Migration within all its worldwide subsidiaries.The plan will be fully attained in a span of three years.

Mr Majang said that apart from the sc mobile banking app,online banking and ATMs, video banking will make clients communicate with the bank employees at the convenience of their homes through laptops, tablets or smartphones.The already existing ATMs will also be upgraded to accept bulk deposits.

Employees Retrenchments
The introduction of video banking will see less customers vising stanchart bank branches physically. This will leave most tellers and customer care desks with less to no work at all.Its expected the work load at the branch will fall by 45%.This fall in work load will therefore call for employee retrenchment a scenario full backed up and recommended by the stanchart headquarters in London.The lenders will then expect a heightened profit margin by the end of the digital migration.

Digital banking.
Digital banking increase efficiency, accuracy and speedy delivery of services in the banking sector among other factors. Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) kenya launched a digital branch last month at the garden city in Nairobi. DTB boss Mr Shah saw the official opening of the branch where customer would do bulk deposits at the ATM lobby,use fixed tablets and touch tables.

SMEP Microfinance Bank- Fulfilling your dreams

smep mfb loans kenya
SMEP Microfinance Bank LTD(SMEP MFB) is a financial institutions registered in kenya as a limited company.Smep Mfb offers loans and banking services to both individuals and businesses in kenya.Its bigger focus however seem to be on groups popularly known in Kenya as Chamas.This lender has numerous retail outlets nationwide especially in the suburbs of every county.

Loan Products.
Smep mfb gives loans to both individuals and businesses operating in kenya.SMEs and groups get special and tailor made loan facilities. In general SMEP offers ;asset financing, group retail loans,agribusiness loans,SME loans,Church loans and working capital loans.The lender also provide insurance premium financing to help in smooth premium payment.

Smep Head quarters,
Kirichwa road,
Off Argwings Kodhek road,
Mobile:+254 711 606 900

How to borrow loans from Kiva.

loans from kiva
Kiva org
Kiva is a microfinance organisation registered in the US as a not for profit lender specialized in availing loans to the low income population worldwide.It was founded in the year 2005.Today,,Kiva has spread to over 80 countries with a total of over US$850million worth of loans disbursed.The lender facilitates loans through field partners to over 15000 borrowers monthly.Kiva gives out loans that are aimed at changing peoples lives.

Where does Kiva get its money
This financier relies on volunteer lenders mainly and a few grants,corporate and foundation sponsorships.Volunteer lenders donate to Kiva through the website or choose to lend directly to a borrower through the same platform.

Borrowing from Kiva
How can an individual or a business apply for a loan from Kiva?This is the reason for this post.There are two ways a borrower can ask for a loan from this lender.It's either through Kiva website or through Field partners.

1.Applying for a kiva loan through the Website.
Only applicants from the US can use this method.Borrowers join the Kiva Zip community before asking for a loan.

  • Fill an online application form.
  • Lend to a fellow borrower.
  • Invite family and friends to lend you .
  • Let your first lenders who are your relatives to post you on Kiva website where millions of volunteer lenders will see your profile.
  • Volunteer lenders will then start lending you.
  • Do your business and repay.
This method relies mostly on your trustworthiness rather than your creditworthiness.

2.Applying for a kiva loan through a field partner 
Many countries covered by Kiva services depend on this method, that is applying for credit facilities through Field Partners.What are Field Partners? They are financial institutions, mostly specialized in micro credit ,that were approved by Kiva Org management to facilitate loans to borrowers in their various locales.All of these field partners are stable and fully operational financial institutions.

Borrowers don't need to mention Kiva to be attended to.These institutions do their own communication to Kiva about the borrowers who seek their services.Field Partners receive,edit and upload the borrower details and story to Kiva website where interested lenders can choose to support the borrower.If an applicant's loan gets fully funded,the Field Partners declares your loan approved in full.
Field Partners in Kenya.
Kenyans depend on field partners very much.Field partners reach and educate the communities they are located in.These institutions give out loans for various purposes like education, startups,business expansion, solar and other clean energy loans.There is a high probability of getting loans approved with field partners compared to other financial institutions not related to kiva.Kiva managers always review field partners every now and then.Partners who rate poorly in terms of financial risks are inactivated never to participate for a while until they rate good again.At the moment, these institutions are field partners in kenya;

  1.  SMEP microfinance bank
  2. Yehu microfinance trust
  3. Strathmore university
  4. Milango financial services
  5. VisionFund kenya
  6. Kenya ECLOF
  7. Evidence Action
  8. Juhudi Kilimo
  9. Hand in Hand Eastern Africa
  10. Burn manufacturing company
  11. PowerGen renewable energy
  12. KOMAZA
  13. Honey care Africa
  14. Asante Kenya foundation
  15. Moringa school
  16. Yamamoto biogas
  17. The alliance for artisan enterprise at the Aspen institute
  18. Housing finance foundation
  19. Fledge
  20. MicroEnergy credits
  21. Eco zoom
  22. Nuru international
  23. iSmart kenya
  24. Paradigm project
  25. One degree solar
  26. Junior achievement kenya
  27. Sanergy
  28. Barefoot power.
You can check for details of each of the above financial institutions by using the search bar on this blog.


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