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NIC Now Mobile Banking App - NIC Bank

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

NIC Bank

To be in the right pace with ever growing banking and finance technology, NIC bank kenya decided to welcome mobile banking app dubbed 'NIC NOW'.The app makes it possible for customers feel to be inside the bank while they are away.Almost all transactions can be performed within the NIC Now banking app.You can check your balance enquiries, generate mini statements,conduct real time transfer to any bank in Kenya, pay your utility bills and so much more transactions.

In general NIC mobile banking services can be accessed through two platforms.These are; USSD code and Mobile App.

1.NIC Mobile Banking – USSD code
You will be required to complete an application form in order to be set up on the service. This service is available to both Safaricom and Airtel Subscribers. To activate mobile banking dial *488# and enter your PIN. With NIC mobile banking you can:
Send airtime to your phone or to Safaricom or Airtel Subscriber.
Transfer of funds from your NIC Bank Account to any MPESA subscriber.
Fund your NIC Bank account via MPESA using PayBill 488488.
Pay your DSTV, GOTV and KPLC prepaid Token Top up directly from your mobile phone.
Conduct fund transfers .
Stop cheques.
Make requests for cheque books, statement requests and forex rates.

2 . NIC NOW Mobile Application.
Available on Google play store. With the NIC NOW mobile application you can:
Carry out balance enquiries and generate mini statements with easy.
Transfer money internally to other NIC accounts.
Conduct local transfers (EFTs) to banks in Kenya.
Conduct real time transfers to any bank in Kenya.
Carry out mobile money transfers MPESA and Airtel Money transfers (through your KES account).
Request for your cheque book or stop cheques.
Carry out airtime top ups to your phone or any number of your choice( This is limited to KES accounts.)
Pay your utility bills for KPLC, Nairobi Water, Airtel and Orange. This is limited to KES accounts.
Place, list and delete standing orders.

The mobile banking services are available to registered members. Both existing and new customers can use this banking app.NIC Now.

B Mobile Is Here -BOA

b mobile

B mobile is the Bank of Africa's (BOA) mobile banking application. Since almost every bank is embracing new innovations in the banking and finance sector, BOA never wished to be left out. Customers are now eligible to start using B mobile app to do various transactions at the comfort of anywhere in kenya by simply using their mobile handsets.

what customers need to know

For existing BOA Account holders, download B-MOBILE from BOA KENYA from your App store or dial *987#.You can also access the App from Google play store.

How do I log in?
Your USERNAME is your cell phone number – 2547xxxxxxxx.Your M-PIN is the Pin that you have been using on B-Mobile.

Do you have an account with Bank of Africa Kenya but have never signed up for mobile banking? Now you can use the following easy steps;
1. Click on Register and fill in the details required.
2. An SMS will be sent to you with details of your USERNAME and one- time PIN, you can then.Login and once you enter your one-time PIN you will be prompted to change it to a PIN that is familiar to you. Always keep your PIN secret and never share it with anyone.


a) Account services
You can now check your balances in the account.Get a full and mini statement.You can also check our forex rates.

b) Airtime Top Up
Purchase airtime directly from your BOA account to top up your Safaricom number .Top up any Safaricom number by purchasing directly from your BOA account.

c) Cardless Withdrawal
Forgot your ATM card at home but need money? No problem!! Using B- Mobile cardless withdrawal feature, you can get a one-time PIN that allows you to get cash from any BOA ATM.

d) Cheque and ATM Services
Get to stop your Cheque by selecting the Cheque number, the reason and the account number.Get to request for aCheque book by selecting the account from which you require a Cheque book.

e) Funds Transfer
Get to transfer funds to your own account by selecting the source account to the account desired.You can send money to other BOA account byselecting the beneficiary and a source account.Nominate your beneficiary accounts under the My Profile section.

f) Mobile Money
You can send money from the bank account to M-pesa by selecting the account number and the amount you wish to transfer.You can transfer money from Mpesa to your bank account. Our pay bill number is 972900.

g) Bill Payment
Get to pay your DSTV, ZUKU, JTL and GOTV for their services.Enter the business number and the source account and confirm the M-pin.

h) My Profile
Under this section,you can nominate beneficiary accounts that you would like to send money to.You can also update your information for our records. You also get to refer your friends to Bank of Africa.

i) Locator
Under this section, you can find your nearest boa branch and their opening hours as well as how to find your nearest BOA ATM machine.In addition, customers can also subscribe for SMS alerts.

This application is available to both existing and new customers. It's b mobile.

K-repbank Becomes Sidian Bank

krep bank

The Managing Director, K-repbank, Titus Karanja announced yesterday during a briefing with its investors that its going to be renamed as Sidian Bank starting from April this year. The bank which presented bad results down to 28% loss to its investors said its rebranding the bank to upgrade to a tier 2 lender from tier 4.

Following acquisition of more than 50 percent of its share stake by Centum Investments,there are going to be experienced a lot of changes which will affect its customers positively. There will be introduction of tech innovations in internet banking and mobile banking.There will be less in physical branch expansion though.

Talking about the 28 percent loss,the lender's managing director attributed this to increased non-performing loans and upgrading costs. IT installation and integration only consumed over ksh150 million.Never to scare away investors, the lender seemed not shaken by the loss at all but talked of success in the coming years.

K-repbank is now Sidian Bank come April.

High Tech Bank Branch Launched At The Garden City,Nairobi-DTB

Diamond Trust Bank launched, last week, one of its kind, high tech digital bank branch at the Garden City in Nairobi.Being it's 55th bank branch in Kenya, the Gardencity branch comprises of less staff to talk to but more gadgets to communicate with.The sole aim was to enhance efficiency and hasten banking processes as one thing longed for before by the digitalised generation in kenya, especially in Nairobi.

DTB employees testing the gadgets

What's in the bank
The whole bank branch comprises of high tech gadgets. Quote from DTB;
"Our new digital # DTBGardenCityBr anch makes use of the latest technology throughout the banking process in order to provide the most efficient and rewarding customer experience. The branch has a range of digital tools – touch-tables, tablets and interactive screens available in the waiting lounge and lobby to welcome customers and facilitate engagement with the bank’s products and services."
Start thinking about self-service activities while inside a bank.It's focus is mostly on internet banking. Customers stand in front of fixed tablets, perform their transactions and leave.
There's a digital ATM lobby ;
"Our digital lobby at # DTBGardencitybranch will allow customers to perform bulk cash deposits with instant credit to account, cheque deposits, online banking and normal ATM withdrawals and deposits without human interaction."
Welcome to #DTBGardencityBranch.
DTB Garden city ATM lobby

Understanding Your Credit Report- Creditinfo

credit info

As 'Loans Kenya' we are happy to share the exact description about a credit report from Creditinfo,one of the licensed CRBs in kenya.Remember, Creditinfo is the most active bureau as per the customer reviews on Facebook

Creditinfomation weekly
Understanding your Credit Report:
"Your Credit Report is ultimately created by YOU. When you apply for a credit facility your jorney begins with a Credit Reference Bureau. Even at application stage of the loan in most cases your credit profile is created at the CRB, leaving a foot print of the credit enquiry done on your National ID. Once the loan is granted the loan information and your details are loaded onto the CRB. This is called positive data sharing. Each time you pay your facility the financial institution will send the payment history of the facility each month to us. This creates an overview look of how you pay your accounts. If you miss a payment at any time this is also recorded and sent to us. If the account goes over 90 days in arrears the financial institution can then mark that account as non-performing (known in Kenya as listing). Your bureau score will start calculating and start showing a good or bad score depending on how well you pay your accounts and a few other general aspects of your credit history. Your credit report contains all your personal information and any contact and address information, even from 5 years back. Remember you can get a free credit report once every 12 months to check your status, I sugest you do, so you don't get a surprise when applying for credit. If you feel that information is incorrect, dispute it immediatly with the CRB so that they can speak to the financial institution for you."

Thinking about getting a credit report,must read Obtain a credit report in kenya

Obtaining Clearance Certificate From CRBs In Kenya.

Credit Reference Bureau(CRB) is a company licensed to collect, manage and disseminate customer credit information.CRB collects the customer credit information from all lenders including commercial banks, deposit taking microfinances and most recently Saccos.CRB will then manage the collected information by regularly updating customers' credit scores per their transactions with the various financial institutions. When a lender wants to know a borrower's credit status, CRB will disseminate the report to help in lender's decision making towards the borrower.Now you understand.

In kenya, the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) licensed three Credit Reference Bureaus to collect, manage and disseminate Kenyans credit information.These include;metropol,Creditinfo and Credit Reference Bureau Africa[CRB Africa] also known as Transunion Africa.
.According to the law, each customer is entitled to one free credit report a year after registration with one of the three CRBs licensed in kenya.

Register with CRB
If you wish to receive your annual credit information,one can register with one of the three CRBs.You can choose to register with all but you'll receive the same report still.
You can register with metropol by visiting their website metropolcorporation.com or by dialling *433# on your mobile phone for Safaricom customers only.You'll pay a registration fee of ksh100.You'll receive a code in form of SMS.Use the code to access your report on their website.
If you wish to get your credit information from transunion,please visit crbafrica.com or transunionafrica.com.Fill in the forms and send them back.That's all.
You can still register with creditinfo to get your credit information yearly.Simply visit creditinfo.co.ke to register.You'll then receive your credit report on your email address.

Obtaining a Clearance certificate
Some jobs or some other circumstances may require a clearance certificate to prove your credit trustworthiness before handling instances beforehand. It's easy to obtain a clearance certificate though. All the three licensed CRBs required a processing fee of ksh2200.Because your are already a registered customer with one CRB, you can easily request for your clearance certificate from the crb website.The certificate can then be printed out after preparation.

Clearing your name
When your credit report is not good, you might need to clear your name with crb.You will have to ask for the lender who sent your bad reports to crb(the lender who you never paid after borrowing).This may attract a fee of ksh50. Sometimes you may be blacklisted wrongly! The next step will be visiting that lender concerned.Resolve the issues with the lender by either clearing the loan arrears or make them know you never borrowed from them.They'll then issue you with a clearance letter. Scan it and email it to the crb you registered with.That crb will communicate with the lender to confirm that clearance letter was valid after which your credit information will be updated positively.It will still take long(7years) to have your credit score high. If you can't resolve your issues with the lender you remain blacklisted for more than seven years.

Read also Loans to blacklisted Kenyans .

The law requires that a lender may alert a customer before blacklisting. Sometimes this doesn't happen though. Due to these inconveniences,there's a new body calledCredit Information Sharing [CIS]kenya which will look deep into these unfavourable situations in the lending circle.

Use a helb loan to start a blogging business while still in campus.

Are you in campus? Are you financing  your education through a helb loan?Government sponsored students in kenyan universities financed by the helb loan get an excess of ksh10000 per year after clearing their school fees.What are you doing with this money?Let nobody lie to you.Life is still waiting for you outside in the real world.
I know campus life is full of fun,but also consider doing something -a business.What kind of a business can I do? Relax! I know you don't have much time to go out looking for stock or customers that's why I choose for you a 'blogging business' because you enjoy as you do it and its the customers that will be looking for you.

-Blogging will need access to the internet. I don't advise students to use school computers for blogging because most don't allow it.This means you need to have your own blogging equipments and its simple a smart phone(going for ksh7000) as laptops and Ipads are too expensive.
-You can then save ksh 3500 both from the first and second disbursements in your first year.Now you can buy your smart phone because that's all you needed. Remember to use the helb loan surplass in the other years of your study to take care of any outstanding fee balances.
- Blogging is simple publishing up to date content into the internet where people can access it.Content can be in the form of texts,photos,graphics, videos or any other media files.A photo blogger will be publishing photos while a fashion blogger will use texts and other media files for example photos &videos.
-Blogging for business will mean publishing high quality content for the purpose of gaining something (money).
-Now, there are both self hosted and freely hosted blogs.I will talk about free hosting blogs because self hosted blogs requires one to pay.There are many free blogging platforms like wordpress,weebly&tumblr but I prefer 'Blogger.com' because its simple and it's directly connected to Google Adsense which you'll need to monetlse your content later and that's the purpose of this post today.
(Always ask for help for anything techy from friends or experts)
-Remember you bought a smart phone.It's time to use it now.
-Use your phone browser and go to blogger.com
-From blogger,create an account. This will be your Google account.Finally, you'll be redirected to blogger.com where you can create your first blog now.
-Choosing a blogging topic can be tricky but must be something you can never run dry of thoughts and its loved by many people.It can be about sports,news,fashion,entertaiment,education,business or even health&fitness.
-While still in blogger.com, write your preferred blog title and address.
-Download the blogger app and install it on your phone. Finally use this app to easily write and publish your first post.
-If you fear taking risks you fear doing business.Just like any other business,here there is no guarantee that you'll earn money each and every month end.
-With a good number of total monthly page views that is after blogging for more than three months,you can then proceed to apply for a Google Adsense Account by clicking on the 'earnings' tab from your blogger dashboard.
-If your application gets approved, you'll start showing google ads on your blog.You'll then be paid whenever blog visitors click on the ads.
-Finally you'll be earning while learning.I believe its the best thing ever that will happen to any student.
Remember, the blog will be with you even after campus.You can even upgrade now and use a custom domain.
Think bout it?                                                 

There is a loan for everything including water. Maji loans finance anything around water .

Water is life.Financing activities bringing water availability by banks or other lenders in kenya is rare as this loan facility is generalised as a personal loan.The Maji loan facility offered by the equity bank was thoughtful.
Majority of the regions in Kenya are dry.The ASALS like Kitui and other Ukambani areas, Garissa,Marsabit, and the famous Ngamia one area in Turkana real needed water tanks to store that few of rainfall whenever it rainied or sink boreholes.The highlands people needed water tanks to store the water wasted during heavy rain seasons.Mombasa, Malindi and Watamu residents wanted to finance the costs of water connections.Maji loan covered all these.

Today, I will not talk about business though water selling in a booming activity a long the coast.That will be up to you but today, I will give general details about maji loan facility.
This loan is available to equity bank customers with atleast 3months active accounts .It can be a group or an individual.
The borrower can get up to 100% financing. This means the bank can finance the whole process of water connection,sinking a borehole or whichever activity.
There is a collateral but flexible.You present what you have and the credit officers will do the evaluation.
You can repay after a maximum of 36months.
That's all.You can ask for more personal help by leaving a comment now.                         

Lenders are not presenters like Kanze Dena,you are not to watch them but they are supposed to finance your success.

Financiers are the right people to befriend in business.They are never like presenters to be watched only.Ofcourse I have used Kanze Dena in this context to represent all presenters in kenya.This is beause Kanze Dena,the Giriama queen and a kiswahili news anchor at the CitizenTv, remains the most adored in the nation.
Let us forget about the media thing.I want you to know and work with loan facility givers available and suitable to you.But before you know others know yourself first.Self orientation will include gender (as there are loans specifically for women), employment status(unemployed,salaried,self-employed),skills,belongings /property and residency.Once you know all these, the next then will be who can be your financiers.
There are several lending institutions like comercial banks,saccos ,credit companies(platinum credit kenya) ,venture capitalits(Grofin) and individuals like shylocks.

Now this is what you should know;
1)If you are unemployed,meaning you do not have anything to save ,then think venture capitalists and shylocks.Let your business idea do the convincing.Here you need a viable idea to make the approached party to give out money without considering much about your poor financial status.
2)if you are self-employed ,comercial banks (preferrable where your account is) and saccos (preferrable dealing with members in your business line only) can be the right financiers to you.You can as well join a group to create a savings pool at a certain bank where you can borrow as individuals.
3)Lastily, if are salaried then the choice is yours.Though there are different rules for government employees and private sector employees when it comes to lending, all banks, shylocks,saccos and venture capitalists can easily befriend you.
Where do you belong? Don't say you can't because now you know you can.Do you need a personal help? Comment below and I'll help you.                       

Loans Through Ussd Bank Codes In Kenya

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

mobile phone displaying ussd results
Can I use my phone to borrow money from my bank, microfinance institution or Sacco?
Most Kenyan commercial banks,saccos and microfinance institutions have already embraced the use of mobile banking platforms where customers can easily access banking services over their mobile handsets. As 'Loans Kenya', we focus mostly on credit issues.A borrower can access mobile loans through mobile apps, STK/Subscriber menu or USSD codes.Our focus today is on lenders' USSD codes but we shall cover the Mobile apps and STK menus later.
We are therefore, going to list some of the financial institutions with their respective ussd codes that can enable a customer wishing to borrow from their banks do the same conveniently anywhere on their mobile phones.You must have registered with your bank to access these services.Sometimes, the sim card you are using can affect your access these services.This is because, some of the ussd codes are only accessible from one mobile telecommunications provider fro example, Safaricom or Airtel lines only. Most codes are accessible over multiple subscriber service providers though.You must register your line with your bank or Sacco before accessing mobile banking services, therefore, you will already be aware of which line to use( the registered one).
Read also How to apply for a mobile loan

Bank loan Ussd short codes
Bank of Africa(BOA) *987#
Barclays Bank Kenya *224#
CFC Stanbic *208#
Chase Bank of kenya*275#
Commercial Bank of Africa *654#
Consolidated Bank of kenya *262#
Co-operative Bank of kenya *667#
Credit Bank of kenya *669#
Diamond Trust Bank(DTB) *385#
Ecobank *335#
Equatorial Commercial Bank(ECB)*286#
Equity Bank of kenya *247#
Family Bank of kenya *325#
Faulu microfinance DTM *339#
First Community Bank (FCB) *342#
Gulf African Bank *399#
Housing Finance Company *231#
I & M Bank Limited *458#
Jamii Bora Bank *344#
Kenya Commercial Banl(KCB) *522#
K-REP BANK *527#
Kenya Women Finance Trust(KWFT) DTM *378#
Musoni Microfinance Institution(MFI) *279#
National Bank of kenya(NBK) *625#
NIC Bank Limited *488#
Post Office Savings Bank(Post bank) *498#
Rafiki Microfinance bank DTM *366#
SMEP DTM *741#
Standard Chartered Bank(SCB) *722#
Transnational Bank of Kenya *862#
United Bank of Africa(UBA) Bank *368#
Vision Fund Kenya *985#
GTbank of kenya *878#

There are other transactions you can perform with a bank ussd code including transferring money from one account to another or bank to bank or bank to phone(Mpesa, Airtel money, Yu cash,orange money),buy goods, retrieve statements among other more activities. For the purpose of borrowing a loan, please find where the words 'loan services' or 'credit services' are located after dialling the ussd code on your mobile phone and then proceed with the next steps.That's all.

Equity Bank Kenya's Jikokoa Loans .

customer given jikokoa at equity bank

The equity bank of kenya in partnership with Burn Manufacturing kenya is giving out Jiko Okoa stoves on credit to it's customers.The Jiko okoa modern stoves manufactured by Kenya's Burn Manufacturing is the latest, safest and efficient stove ever made in the world.

Jikookoa loan
In addition to it's ever growing list of merchandise loan products,the Equity Bank thought of making its customers life comfortable even at the kitchen. The loan facility is available to existing or new customers with active accounts with the bank.The process of applying for the jikokoa loan starts with visiting any nearest Equity bank branch in kenya.Enquiry if the jikokoa stock is still available. Fill in the loan application forms.If you get approved, you walk away with the stove right away. You then pay the jikokoa loan in small monthly instalments.Other merchandise loans from equity bank include; Dstv, Gotv financing & Startimes decorder financing,Chloride exide battery financing among others.

The Jikokoa is the world’s most advanced, fuel efficient, and affordable charcoal stove. Developed by a team of engineers and designers in the USA, the Jikokoa stove cooks twice as fast with half the charcoal. Its advanced design uses a high-efficiency combustion chamber, light-weight ceramic insulation, and cool-touch handles to create a faster cooking, cleaner burning, safer and more economical jiko. The Jikokoa reduces the amount of charcoal used by 60% and reduces smoke and harmful emissions by more than 60%.

Where jikokoa is found
Apart from getting jikokoa from the Equity bank, one can still buy this stove on cash basis from Tuskys supermarkets, Nakumatt supermarkets, Naivas supermarkets or at Ismart.It costs between ksh3000 to ksh4000.

L Pesa Microfinance - Micro Loan For Mobile Banking Customers

Monday, March 28, 2016

l pesa microfinance

L pesa microfinance is a worldwide mobile micro loan provider with its headquarters in Mwanza, Tanzania.L pesa makes it possible to borrow loans through mobile phones from different countries in different continents. Countries covered include at the moment ;Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, DRC, Fiji, South Africa, Rwanda, Egypt, Romania, India, Mozambique, Dominican Republic,USA, Lesotho, Trinidad and Tobago, Philipines and Jamaica.
L pesa services are delivered through a combination with mobile telecommunications companies termed as 'partners' in the above mentioned countries. Some of these partners include; Airtel,Safaricom, vodacom, Tigo,MTN, etisalat among others providing mobile banking services.

L pesa loans can be accessed through dialling *150*64# and sending to your mobile subscriber services provider or through the www.l-pesa.com website. The advantage with this service is that, a registered l pesa customer can borrow, send or receive money from any country, native or foreign and in any currency, though preferably in US Dollars.

How to register for l pesa
To qualify to be an l pesa customer, you must have a SIM Card registered to use mobile banking services for example;Airtel money and Mpesa in Kenya or Tanzania or Tigo pesa in Tanzania. Simple visit an agent for this step. Qualifying for a micro loan is a different thing! You must have been using your mobile banking account for at least six (6) months and have made more than ten(10) transactions within this time.

Loan Amounts
The starting loan amount for first time applicants is $5.This will be repayable within one month. After the first loan successful repayment, a borrower can then qualify for higher loan amounts up to $3000 to be repayable within longer periods of time.The loan will be converted to local currency when cashed out.After receiving your loan in your mobile banking account, a borrower can withdraw the same from an l pesa agent or partner.Importantly, you can still continue using native mobile money services for example, mpesa,Airtel money, Yu cash or Tigo Pesa without any alterations or obstacles.

You can call Head Office in Mwanza on +255-22-219-6855 from 10am to 4pm on weekdays and from 10am to 2pm on Saturdays.If you visit www.l-pesa.com you can fill in a contact form and submit it to l pesa microfinance.

Online Loan Vendors/brokers In Kenya

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Loan brokers or vendors are not very popular in the lending business in kenya.Loan brokers should mean individuals or businesses helping borrowers get cheap and suitable loans from the right lenders. They charge the lenders a certain commission after every successful loan amount disbursed.I have stated earlier, the law is not clear on loan brokers, thus they charge varied negotiable rates per lender.
Every Kenyan know how tedious it is when it comes to finding the right affordable credit facilities,that's why brokers become handy.Loan brokers can be general or specialized. Those who are specialized may be personal loan brokers, business loan brokers,asset loan brokers or mortgage loan brokers .
Majority of the borrowers use the internet (due to its convenience) to find and apply for loans through brokers nowadays.Due to this reason, most brokers moved to the web, allowing borrowers to apply for loans online.
Do you know who are the online general loan brokers in kenya?

Kenya Loans
Kenya loans provide online loan application forms for any potential borrower.A borrower can select the kind of application form suited to their needs ranging from business loans, personal loans, unsecured or secured loans to salary advances.From Kenya loans
' We have recently established more partnerships with lending institutions in Kenya and can now confidently invite you to fill in our online loan application forms. Once we receive your application we will forward it to the best matched lending institution'.Please visit www.kenyaloans.com to apply now..

pata mkopo

Pata Mkopo

Pata mkopo is the latest online loan broker in kenyaYou choose the kind of loan you want to apply for example car loan, home loan, business loan or micro credit Fill the online loan application forms and apply.Pata mkopo will contact you.Check how it's described;
Search & Bargain for the best loan interest rate from over 43 banks in Kenya for FREE. Shorten what would otherwise be the long Safari of getting competitive financing for your yourself or business with patamkopo.Simple.Convenient.Reliable. Visit www.patamkopo.co.ke to apply today.

Pesa web
This is not a broker as such but simple makes you know which lender especially commercial banks gives the lowest interest rate for a given loan amount. It is a fintech company that helps you compare different loan and mortgage rates in the market and helps borrowers make the right choice.Pesa web also give insurance quotes from leading insurance companies and help save borrowers' that money.

Loans kenya
More than just loans. Not to be confused with loanskenya.blogspot.com , Loanskenya.com gives borrowers a chance to shop around the best loan rates before settling with one lender.It's not a broker too but seems to be heading there.

Receiving Mpesa Statements From Safaricom.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Both individuals and businesses using Mpesa must have thought of knowing their past transactions.Just like commercial banks and other financial institutions,Safaricom has made available the ability to get a Mpesa statement, though for the last past month.Financial statements are a crucial part in any business or individual budgeting. Safaricom started sending messages to it's subscribers about the same from last month.
What an Mpesa statement constitutes include information about money sent( for example to individuals,to banks, Lipa na Mpesa or through pay bill numbers), money received(from individuals, from banks) and money spent(for example buying airtime or data bundles).This statement is also a proof that a given transaction happened.

How to ask for the statement
Previously, Safaricom used to send these min statements directly to subscribers SMS inbox. Recently, they changed and started sending these information directly to subscribers' inboxes.
With a Safaricom line installed into your mobile phone, dial *234*2# to register your email address first. You'll receive a message like this;

"You have successfully registered loanskenyatoday@gmail.com on 21-03-2016 02:03 PM. You will be receiving your M-PESA statement by the 5th day of every month.
Note, this is my own example. Remember, the email address will be that which you will have registered,not loanskenyatoday@gmail.com

Subsequently you will receive another message from Safaricom again;

"Your M-PESA Statement has been sent to your email address loanskenyatoday@gmail.com. To change your email address dial *234*2#, select M-PESA Statement then Change E-mail."

Now you will be done.Visit your inbox for the statement.For privacy reasons, we can't upload our Mpesa statement here.Thanks.

Family Bank Of Kenya - With You For Life

Sunday, March 20, 2016

family bank
The Family bank was licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya(CBK) in the year 2007 to offer banking services to Kenyans. The lender joined already existing financiers then like Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) and Barclays Bank of Kenya among others. Today, Family Bank is one of the most trusted financial partner by both individuals and businesses with over one million customers.

Loan products
Family bank offers a variety of loan facilities availed to different groups of customers - individuals or corporates.
Personal loan products -Individuals with personal banking accounts can get access to check off loans, salary loans, personal mortgage plans and salary advances.
Business/Corporate loan products - Businesses or corporates banking with family bank have access to agribusiness loans, investment group loans,Mortgages and general business or corporate loans.
Diaspora loan products- Individuals in foreign countries can trust Family bank and get a mortgage plan.

For more information, please visit any branch near you or call ;
+254 (0) 703 095 445
+254 (0) 20 3252 445
+254 (0) 705 325 325
+254 (0) 737 325 325

Free Mpesa Pay Bill/ Business/Lipa Na Mpesa Numbers.

Friday, March 18, 2016

lipa na mpesa
The Chase Bank of kenya through its Mobile2Bank innovative mobile service to SMEs, has partnered with Safaricom to offer free Mpesa pay bill or business numbers popularly Lipa Na Mpesa Numbers.

A pay bill number or business number is simple a collection mobile account where lipa na mpesa customers can easily and cost free send money to after buying commodities from a business.

Who can get a business number
The Chase bank targets Sole proprietors and SMEs at the moment to be the beneficiaries.Limited companies and partnerships will be allowed to participate latter. Lipa na Mpesa till numbers will be given to businesses with business accounts or ready and willing to open a business account with Chase bank.The business account holders will then be required to register for mfukoni app and subsequently mobile2bank services. Amazingly, money sent to your business till number by a customer will be deposited into your chase bank business account hassle free!

want more info?
Call Chase Bank on;
0709800000 or

Kenya Youth Business Trust (KYBT)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kenya Youth Business Trust was formed in 2004 to empower youth to start their own businesses thereby becoming self-employed It was later in 2005 approved as a member of the Youth Business International [YBI]. With such a mission to set the youth free from unemployment , KYBT based in Nairobi (now with a new branch in Mombasa) provides business management skills training, technical &development skills training mentoring services and loans to youth entrepreneurs.

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Youth Beneficiaries
All beneficiaries attend the KYBT administered 'Start Your Business training', based on ILO methodology and materials. Following this training, young entrepreneurs are asked to create and submit a business plan, under guidance from two KYBT Field Officers. These business plans are reviewed by a selection committee and those entrepreneurs who have viable business propositions are approved to receive seed capital. Once the funds have been disbursed, the entrepreneur is matched to a volunteer business mentor for three years and also receives access to KYBT’s business support network.

How to participate
All Kenyan youth wishing to get financial and business management support from Kenya Youth Business Trust (KYBT) can contact the following offices;
Kenya Youth Business Trust,
AMRE Country Office 2nd floor, Wilson Airport,
P.O Box 50311 – 00100(GPO),
Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: +254[0]724 253 913,

Call 0717548277
kybt mombasa

Mwananchi Credit Ltd - Investor In People

Sunday, March 13, 2016

mwananchi credit limited
Mwananchi credit Ltd is one among many microfinance companies registered in kenya. Mwananchi provide tailor made loan facilities to both individuals and SMEs.Its known for it's easy and faster disbursement of it's approved loans.

Loan products
There are alot of financial solutions provided by Mwananchi credit Ltd. These include;
Secured loans - loans given against a choosen collateral.
Cheque Discounting- You can get cash against a cheque from your employer.
LPO financing, Invoice discounting, Bid bonds,Salary Advance and Import financing.

Our Office
Pension Towers Mezzanine 2,
Loita Street, Nairobi Kenya.
Eco Bank Towers,
2nd Floor. Opp Six-Eighty Hotel,Muindi Mbingu Street,
+254 (0) 20 2221882,
0701 396027, or
0731 888825

Women Loan Givers In Kenya

Saturday, March 12, 2016

kenyan women
After Women's Day last week on March 8, we remember to highlight some of the financial institutions in kenya that specifically lends to the Kenyan woman.Women entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be established, independent businesswomen in future needs special loan enterprises that can handle them with care.Women are delicate! Let us then look at some of the institutions that finance exclusively women.

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Women Enterprise Fund -WEF
For more than four years, the Women Enterprise Fund have been one of the forefront women loan giver.WEF is a partially government owned agency in the Ministry of Devolution and Planning. Both individual and women in registered groups can borrow loans at highly subsidized interest rates. According to the new constitution, the WEF services are accessed through the office of the area MP.In a bid to increase its loan facilitation, WEF partnered with competitively chosen financial institutions including Taifa Sacco, BIMAS, Cooperative bank,K-repbank, Jitegemee sacco,Family bank, Kenya Industrial Estates, Wakenya Pamoja Sacco, SMEP among others. The amount of credit that one group or individual can ask for should range within ksh1000 to ksh500000. Anything above ksh500000 needs special arrangements.
Up to the end of the year 2015,WEF had benefited over 1million Kenyan women after disbursing over ksh7.5billion.

Kenya Women Finance Trust - KWFT
As the name suggests, its exclusively meant for women. Kwft started some yeara back as a Sacco where women pooled their savings and got access to loans.It formed groups where members could easily get guarantors when asking for a credit facility from the institution.Today in 2016,Kwft is an established women- only bank accepting deposits from non members and also providing other banking services for example over the counter withdrawal, ATMs and Mobile banking. Women here borrow loans individual or as group.The amount borrowed can exceed ksh1million depending on the ability to repay.If you are not a member but save money with kwft, you can still borrow under same terms as found in all Kenyan commercial banks.There are several loan facilities to cater for various needs ranging from household items, mortgages, Asset financing, school fees loans to business loans.

This is an initiative based in the US but meant to be consumed by Kenyan women. Funds are sourced from donations to Zawadisha organization and then disbursed to kenya women in the rural and remote areas considered to be extremely poor.Disbursements are not made in terms of cash though but in terms of necessity goods including solar lamps, improvised cooking stoves and modern water tanks.
How to benefit from zawadisha?The organization sends community coordinators to kenyan rural areas where they meet women in groups. Women members of those groups then apply for the item loans if interested. Repayment is then done through the group on every meeting.
If you need to talk to a community coordinator,call 0731424930 to ask for any assistance for example confirming if your area has a community cordinator.

Any women loan givers left out?Leave a decent comment below.

KCB Launches 2jiajiri Campaign Targeting Youths Entrepreneurs

youth entreprenuer
Last week KCB Group CEO Joshua Oigara oversaw the launching of ksh50 billion 2jiajiri programme dubbed '2jiajiri Business Challenge' which will see over half a million kenyan youth entrepreneurs creating employment for themselves and others in a span of five years.
The Kenyan youth who have been complaining about high rates of unemployment for years are the target with priority for both genders.The 2jiajiri programme targets businesses from all sectors of the Kenyan economy but with more emphasis on Agriculture,engineering&construction,fashion &beauty and domestic activities for example cleaning services.

How to participate
The 2jiajiri programme demands that the awarded youths to have come up with viable and unique business ideas better than their competitors. That's why is dubbed '2Jiajiri Business Challenge'.
If you, as a youth, want to take part in this challenge, you need to visit KCB Bankika to register and submit your business idea.

The beneficiaries who will be choosen under a very competitive procedure, will benefit by accessing low cost project financing and acquiring free enterprise development and management skills through seminars.
Good luck!

Over The Counter Banking Services On Sundays!

prime bank kenya
In kenya, normally commercial banks remain closed on Sundays. It was the same thing even on Saturdays until recently due to increased customer services demand and heightened internbank competitions, when Equity bank, Cooperative bank, National bank, KCB and many other banks started remaining open from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Its almost a rule that all banks open as early as 8.30am and close as late as 5.00pm.However, its a different story at the Prime bank kenya. Though the weekdays working hours rhyme with other banks, the weekend working hours are different!
Prime bank branches operates as follows:-
Monday to Friday - 09:30am to 4:30pm
Saturday - 09:30 am to 2:00pm
Sunday - 11:00am to 2:00pm.

If you observe the above working hours keenly, you'll notice that, Prime Bank opens even on Sundays! Though for only a duration of three hours, I believe it makes sense. Prime bank - putting you(customers) first.

Prime Bank (Kenya)- Putting Your First

prime bank
This is another Kenyan lender and banking services provider. Prime bank 'putting you first' licensed by the central bank of kenya is one among the growing list of commercial banks still at its 'mid' stage of growth. The bank is now intensifying it's effort to spread nationwide as it recently opened its 18th branch at the Garden City Mall.

Bank Services
Just like many other banks, Prime Bank provide banking and lending services to both individuals and corporates. As 'Loans Kenya' we normally focus on lending.
The institution therefore provide person loans to individuals and a range of products to corporates including;
Asset Finance.
Overdraft Facilities.
Invoice & Bills Discounting.
Non-Borrowing facilities such as issuance of Guarantees and Letters of Credits.
Bid Bonds and Perfomance Bonds, both short & long term.
Trade Finance.
Insurance Premium Financing.
Hire Purchase Facilities.

Head office,Riverside Drive,Nairobi.
Call 020 4203000

Motor Bike/Cycle -Boda Boda Loans In Kenya

motor bike
Where to get boda boda or motor cycles on credit terms in kenya?Who are the best Motorcycle loan lenders in kenya?The boda boda business is already at its peak in kenya.There's no doubt, the kenyan youths are already earning a living riding the most common motor bike makes from Bajaj,Haojin,Honda motor companies, and the motor bike owners are earning profits daily.For this reason, many Kenyans have wanted to venture into this business. They therefore wanted to know where they can get motorcycles however on credit but with the best affordable rates.

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In Kenya there are different types of lenders who are providing boda boda asset financing facilities. It all depends with your financial ability weighted in terms of the capability to repay the loan.This will include but not limited to employment status, business ownership and credit score.

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Let's look at the potential lenders that provide motor bike financing.

Savings Societies
Saccos are the easiest places to get a boda boda loan.As a member, you have a voice and fellow members already know you better. Interest rates are low.Some big saccos like Imarika and Faulu and kwft have well defined motorcycle loan faculties. If the boda boda loan facility is not readily made ask for it.Imarika's Jiajiri leo and Faulu/Kwft boda boda loans are currently the best examples.

Non Deposit taking lenders
If you are permanently employed, 'lending only' popularly non deposit taking financiers like platinum credit kenya and Real people kenya can give out loans to purchase motor cycles. The advantage with these lending institutions is that they loan processing and disbursements is quick and takes less than 24hrs.Platinum credit's asset finance' facility is currently the talk of the town.

Motor cycle dealers
Motor cycle dealers like Honda,General Motors(GM),Dt Dobie,Toyota &Toyotsu and Car and General(C&G) can on special arrangements, give out motor cycles on credit. This arrangement usually involves the customer, his/her bank and the motor cycle dealer.

Commercial banks
Almost all commercial banks in Kenya this loan facility. Its popularly known as 'asset finance' in general or 'motor loans' specifically for movable assets. Banks can therefore partner with a motorcycle dealer which will give out the motorbike or simply give out cash to the borrower who will then buy the motor cycle from any preferred motor dealer.Asset financing from commercial banks is rarely 100% the value of the motor cycle.If interested, you can ask your bank about this loan facility.

That's enough for now though there other sources of general loans in Kenya. Read now Kenyan sources of loans

Barclays Africa Ready Buyers Named, KCB misses Out.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

barclays bank
Following the announcement that Barclays PLC will be selling down its shares in Barclays Africa, KCB Group showed interest in buying Barclays Bank of Kenya(BBK) according to Business Daily.
Last week however, according to Financial Times, Former Barclays Bank CEO,Robert Diamond mentioned some of the potential investors targeted to buy all shares from all Barclays banks outside South Africa which can generate 20% of all Barclays Africa profits.

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Diamond is campaigning for a bid takeover for Barclays shares in Kenya, Uganda, Mauritius, Tanzania, Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria, Mozambique and Seychelles. The former CEO is also trying to encourage states associated to disregard mergers!

Robert Diamond who is founder of Atlas Mara Ltd, a company already owning shares from banks operating in more than seven African countries seemed to know much about African banking dynamics a reason why Barclays rely much on him.

Barclays Potential buyers
Diamond who is also eyeing to own Union Bank of Nigeria, mentioned that;
" He added that sovereign wealth funds in the Middle East and Asia are seen as the most likely sources of funding.”"
Now you know!

The south African fraction of Barclays Bank trading as Absa was not mentioned by the Atlas Mara CEO as being sold to the East.Maybe he wants to buy it because he already blocked Nedbank and FirstRand from participating.

New Currency Look In 2017- CBK governor, Partrick Njoroge Promises.

kenyan money
Kenya will start using new look bank notes late next year. As part of the new constitution implementations, Central Bank of Kenya governor, Patrick Njoroge told the Senate last week that the notes will be out starting September 2017,though the process was far much out of time range according to the constitution adopted in 2010.

The 2010 adopted constitution provides that the legal tender must not bear any person's images including the former or ruling president. It should carry something that is unique to the country for example geographical features or economic activities.This will see former presidents Moi and Kenyatta portraits missing from our bank notes.

The Kenyan currency in circulation currently include coins of the following denominationsksh1,ksh5,ksh10,ksh20 and ksh40.Coins not in circulation are ksh1000 and ksh5000 which bear former president, Mwai Kibaki's portrait together with the ksh40 coins in circulation.Kenyan shillings bank notes in circulation include;ksh50,ksh100,ksh200,ksh500 and ksh1000 which bear either former president Moi or Kenyatta's portraits.

According to the CBK, the process to retrieve current look currency out of circulation will cost kenya a total of ksh18 billion.


Equatorial Commercial Bank - Kenya

equatorial bank ltd
Equatorial Commercial Bank(ECB), considered the best in customer care delivery, was fully licensed to offer banking and finance services to Kenyans in 1995.It has since grown to be the best bank in Mobile banking too.

Loan Facilities
ECB offers lending services to all entities including individuals, institutions, NGOs among others. Loans are tailor made and may be salary advances, home loans, asset financing or any other as described by the customers.

Go mobile
This is ECB's mobile banking services platform. To start using 'Go mobile' in your mobile phone, simply visit any ECB branch to register. For Go mobile services, dial *286#or download the app from the link the bank will provide to you .Services accessible include;
Information Services:
Balance Inquiry.
Mini Statement.
Full Statement.
Treasury Rates
Branch & ATM locator(Smartphones).

Request Services
Credit Card Application.
Prepaid Card Application.
Change of GoMobile pin.
Loan Request.
Cheque Book Request.
Stop Cheque Payment.

Transactional Services
ECB Inter-account transfers.
Transfers to other Banks.
M-Pesa & Airtel Money transfers.
Loan Insurance Requests.
Airtime Topup.
Bankers cheque request (Smartphones only).
Bill Payments (KPLc, Dstv,Nairobi Water & ZUKU).
Change language.

For further enquiries contact ECB through these numbers ;
+254 (20) 4981000 or
0703 047000

Transnational Bank - The Enterprising Bank

Transnational Bank is one of the more than fourty commercial banks licensed to operate in kenya.The banking and lending services provider, headquartered in Nairobi kenya is best known for its unending zeal to support agribusiness in the country. Apart from developing an agribusiness course at strathmore university,last year, Transnational bank also went into a partnership with BrazAgro to bring improvised Silos to cereal farmers at affordable credit terms

Loans on display
Transnational bank provides all banking services to its clients the recent being Chapaa Popote, the mobile accessible services retrieved through dialing USSD code *862#.However, as Loans Kenya, our focus is mostly on loan products. Apart from tailor made loan products, the credit solutions on display currently include;Hazina loan, Salary Advance, School fees loan, Asset finance and Agrifinance.

or 2252188/91

Chase Bank Kenya Adds 'Mobile2Bank' On Mfukoni App Services

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Chase Bank kenya, one of the fastest growing banking services providers in Kenya has decided to add some more services to the already functional 'mfukono app' launched back in 2014.
The new service dubbed 'Mobile2Bank' was simply an addition to the various services already enjoyed by its customers.

Mobile2Bank .
As described by Chase Bank itself;
"Mobile2Bank is Chase Bank’s new business toolkit that will allow your business to receive monies, make payments,manage agency float and get credit facilities instantly from your business bank account."

Target customers
Mobile2Bank services are targeted to individual SMEs and Sole Proprietor form of businesses at the moment. Limited companies and partnerships will be covered latter with time.In summary, the target audience should be people in business and with existing business accounts or willing to open business accounts at the chase bank.You can continue to use mfukoni app services though if you are a chase bank customer with a personal account.

Mobile2Bank Features
The Mobile2Bank services will include; Making Payments through your mobile phone,Receiving payments directly into your bank account,Purchase agency float and apply for credit facilities(loans).

How can one access Mobile2Bank services
The services can be accessed through a chase bank micro site, mobile app(mfukoni app) or USSD code (*275#).

Getting started
If you wish to get more information about 'mobile2bank', contact Chase Bank on;
0709800000 or

Loans To Buy Phones From Odyssey Capital Ltd Kenya

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

odyssey capital ltd loans
Odyssey capital Ltd kenya-'Accessing financing instantly' , a micro credit company based in Nairobi Kenya, is giving out loans specifically to enable Kenyans to get phones they admired for long.

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How to apply for this loan.
If reside in Nairobi city, this loan is for you!Simple call 0791510501 for the terms and application process.

Barclays Bank Africa Is Here To Stay,Says CEO ,Maria Ramos.

Barclays bank management

Following the announcement by Barclays PLC CEO, Jes Staley, that Barclay bank may terminate it's services starting from March this year in Africa, last week, the CEO Barclays Africa Ltd, Maria Ramos, also came out clear to assure customers and employees that the bank is here to stay.
The Barclays bank of kenya through its Facebook account sent the following message to the public;
See why CEO Staley wants Barclays Banks in Africa closed!

A message to all Kenyans,
Barclays Africa is committed to Kenya. Barclays Bank Kenya is here to stay.

In 2013, we fulfilled our ambition to build a leading African bank when we brought together 12 banks across the continent and formed Barclays Africa. We put the future of this organisation firmly in our own hands.
There are five things I would like you to know about the Barclays Africa that we built:
1. We employ 42,000 people whom I am immensely proud to call my colleagues and friends.
2. We have over 12 million customers who trust us with their money in 12 countries across the continent.
3. We have significant reach in Africa with 1,251 branches and 10,378 ATMs.
4. We are a leading bank in all of the 12 markets in which we operate.
5. We are independently listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and have a strong balance sheet of over $66 billion and are well capitalised.
Today Barclays PLC announced their intention to sell down their 62.3% stake in Barclays Africa over the coming two to three years. This announcement will not affect you, our customers, in any way and we at Barclays Bank Kenya will continue to serve you as we have done for over 100 years.
Our future as Barclays Africa is very bright and our ambition to be Africa’s leading bank remains unchanged. We are deeply committed to the communities in which we live and work and today, when we announced our financial results, I also said we will invest $93 million in education and skills development across Africa over the next three years. That commitment extends to the way we serve our customers. Nothing today’s announcements will make us deviate or change our course. We are neither exiting our operations in Kenya, nor the rest of our African markets.
Our destiny is Africa and our business is one of shared prosperity. We look forward to building a future and helping you, Kenya and Africa,Prosper.
Kind regards
Maria Ramos
CEO, Barclays Africa Group Ltd.

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